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Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

let’s take a pause for bali post, here comes my sg post! : ))

i was at MBS, SG, last friday for work.
if you didnt know what’s MBs stands for, you have to look it up here

thank you to the organization, they brought us there and provided us yumyum dinna after our show.

clockwise yumyum food:
1) Gratinated sliced Cod w/ Tomato-Olive Tartar, Toasted pine nuts and shellfish ravioli
2) me w/ Chocolate & Orange Parfait, sesame nougatine, Hazeulnut Whipped Ganache, Burnt Orange Sauce
3) Lobster Bisque, Chestnuts, Chive Foam
4) Light Celeriac Veloute with Foie Gras Tortellini, Black truffle oil foam

mbs tour begins here.. mm.. don’t think i can remember everything, but i’ll ma best!

escalators… @ MBS… longggggg

me with the beautiful view from sands expo & convention centre, level 4.

here’s da sands expo & convention centre… made huge, thanked god i wasn’t lost! & my colleague, Celest

please forgive me, the door is extremely hard (heavy door) to pull… i had to literally bend my legs to pull with both of my hands…. i know this is bad for my back.. urgh or i’m just so weak… hahaha

aumaigadddd! people in singapore are still awake in this kind of hour….

outside the shoppes of marina bay sands…

cars are everywhere… *gasps

taxi queue, we were waiting for a cab to mustafa centre to get real cheap goods…  pssttttt i dont know how long we’ve waited, almost gv up hahahaaaaaaaa

we head back to hotel after an hour or two, and dis is what we saw as we walked back… macam-macam brands

silly me

greeted by this lcd tv screen in our my hotel room..

ou man, i felt like a vip wtf just kidding…  no la actually, im not wtf x 2

ok, here’s da room

pls ignore the bottom left pic, i dont know why i doubled it, i guess i was too sleepy to do this..

okay, not funny.. failed!

read this if you’ve never seen this before.. flipping high-tech k!! -.-

guess whats inside?!??

i’ll show u, no gold bar or expensive stuff also lehhhh! cheh ahahahaha

















k enuf, i’m tired – me on the bed..dozed off about 2-3am.. cudnt remember anymore..

lets move on to the next morning, woke up around 7-8am, headed to the top floor to take a peep before our breaky

to me, this is like a painting… u just have to view the sea with your own eyes, and u’ll know what i mean…

i cant wait any longer, i just wanna jump into this and enjoy da view…

oh to the right side…pooooool! it makes me wanna jump into the pool even more!

*i cant breathe, i wanna swim + sun tan like, now

too bad folks, i forgot to bring my bikini.. no actually, i didnt forget, i just hrmmp.. well, maybe next time :) and also my just-woke-up-kinda-face

mmkay, time to leave….

and to breakfasttttt~ohmmp… *burp (aumaigad, i hate my face in the morning! like kena punch liddat…)

done with ma breaky and its time to check-out and back to KL :(

Good bye, MBS <3


Thursday, July 8th, 2010

as promised, here’s my 2nd post of Bali.. : )

day 2 @ febri’s hotel, walking towards our dining place..

as you can see, the pool was empty as we walking out…

my simple breaky compared to cindy’s lol….

fuh, right after our breakfast, the pool was full of people.. kids, esp.. hmfp!

nah, muka baru bangun, bengkak siut!

bye febri’s hotel… :D its time to shoppppping?


i cant do this nanny, salute~

miss ooi and miss tey spent alot here…

we bought this for ea of us (nice? u better say nice, else imma gonna bite u)  and another one to babyC heeeeee :)

touristy photo -_-”

cindy’s getting her berryberry juice

the bunch of Indonesian, saw us taking pics, they also wanna take pics… hahaha =D

bought a paddle-pop rainbow colored dress from here… heeeeee

booohoooo, dinner time = jimbaran time

cant really see the sunset anymore cos we were late fol…

enjoying our dinna by the beach… ruby felt asleep right after dinna, zhu~

after dinner, corn + nuts… this is reallllllllyyy tastyyyyy yum yummmm, video posted below, pls take a look :)

must try/eat @ bali! * ; )

suddenly very emo, hence the emo pic by the beach… …. i heard your voice calling my name … prolly because we had to leave to Ubud… im kididng.. :P

alright, thats all for now, gotta pack for Singapore..
will be working at MBS, Singapore tomorrow..