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Causeway Exchange

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

one fine morning, i saw myself on a promotional material…

immediately, i thought of her, Cindy tagged me along to this photo shoot.
these bunch of photos was taken a year ago by Evan, & i didnt expect myself to be on the cover.
heeeee though its not a huge display, but im actually quite proud wtf.

hey you out there,

for those who can make it happen to be there @ the Arts House, Singapore ( 26th – 31st Aug)
pls do attend this event as i believe this is going to be a  meaningful event to most of us. 
to know more about this event, log on to
heeeee… there’ll be lots of showcases happening on the same day and same time.. pls do catch these performances for me =)
i would really love to travel down to catch mukabuku, 15 malaysia and…. citizen malaysia of course!
but, but, i cant be there due to some personal and work commitment :’( ah..


UBUD [3]

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

alright, i’m back with a better sense/mood. tonight i’m gonna post about ubud,
d’oh its clearly stated @ the topic of this post.

arrived Arma Resort’s about 10 ish.. and this was our room… guess who i slept with?

our living room wtf

we planned to jump into the pool once we settle down, but we didnt managed to do that in the end.. ended up, sleep talking with each other.. hahahaha! fol

this is how it looked like during the day…

we were touring right before taking our breaky..

basically, this place looked like a jungle to us………..dont think we’ll ever come back to here HAHAHAHHAAA!

… our breaky …

after that we proceed to shop, shop, shop, and shop @ ubud market.. i didnt really shop, just a look-see-look-see kind of day… hahaha


as you can see, they do have tons of crazy local stuff here…

for you single ladies out there wtf

them bargain-ing which one to get (im kidding, ruby was getting some accessories – a paparazzi shot la this)

looks like the forbidden city market!

here’s one of our shopping video, ok not really la but just watch, lol

spotted, ruby ooi on the street…. we are going to have Babi Guling @ Ibu Oka

babi guling
dang dang dang babi guling plus teh botol… best combination! im drooling as im typing this XD

after a lunch, we went to SPA.. i know i know, not a very good thing to do after you eat.. bah

these are massage oil – jasmine, sandalwood, rose, lavender… guess which i had? :P lavender of coourse
clean clean my dirty feet (blehh)

i need a massage now, i mean now… :’( stresssssss, ta! c u in next post, nights!

p/s: do you guys know where can i get affordable + good massage @ KL/HARTAMAS area?