it has been a year


Yes, exactly, it has been a, rough, year.

I still remember, last year, this time, mom and I was in the hospital. He was on the bed; suffering. It was just like yesterday. Look at where we are right now; we are in different place. We have a moved on bit by bit, day by day, step by step, to where we are. It was a really long process. But one thing for sure, we fought hard enough to overcome certain things in life.

It’s like those things in life; no matter how hard you want to avoid touching or seeing stuffs that you never like, it will just smash into your face and you have no choice but to swallow them. As well as there are things in life, when you wished real hard every fortnight and nothing happened?  And we were told to leave things to fate. Yes, fate is a big word. Let nature take its course; when things come right up, hold it in and breathe.

I have heard, seen and felt a lot throughout this year. I realized that all this while, the only person who never gave up on me was, me myself. I am better than the day before yesterday.  I see long and winding road ahead, who will walk with me? :*)



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