29th Feb

so it’s the end of Feb. 29th of Feb, leap day, huh. no, that’s not the main reason why I’m blogging/writing here tonight. I thought I wanted to write something personal here since i know not many people checking out here anymore. but I totally forgotten what I wanted to write. yes, that’s right and one of the reason why I can’t keep up with blogging/writing. that chain of thoughts, it’s everywhere n’ never settled for a single minute. I updated my WordPress and I feel like I’m a retard now – for not knowing what to do and where to start. there are no font types/colours or any functions for me to use? erk? help?


#nowplaying Lay Down – Floetry

4 Responses to “29th Feb”

  1. aumaigawd Says:

    i still got read ur blog de… ganbate ~

  2. aumaigawd Says:

    i still read ur blog de..ganbate ~ continue posting >.<

  3. GHK Says:

    have try those common forum coding:
    [color=***] blablabla [/color] ??

  4. DanielCtw Says:

    Oh you’ll never know who might still be lurking. :D

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