Land of Sunshine #1

Back on 30th June from Krabi, Thailand w/ my girls and immediately I got fever and flu. yeah, I know who I should put the blame on, ha, myself for staying too long under the sun and not drinking enough of water. Feeling much better today =D

and oh, I have yet to transfer all my pictures to my PC but I managed to come out with a short video-log of us during our stay in Krabi – no hidden message or direct message to anyone. it’s solely for me to enjoy this video just in case lah, if one day I get diagnosed with Alzheimer’s wtf. Watch it if you’re interested ;)

btw, it’s July already and it’s the month of Love! So far, so good. I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the second half of 2012, but I’m pretty sure about this -> “it’s all about finding a balance, and being in the moment.” – I guess I will live with this quote for now.

Krabi trip made me think a lot, like h e l l a lot more. It made me grow in a good way; that’s why I love to travel. Every time I go somewhere else and come back to town, I feel like I have equipped myself with some new way of thinking or seeing things in life, which I can’t find the right words to make you understand what is actually going on inside me. Wait, I hope I didn’t sound like a psycho here. *_* Aha.

Come back for pictures. I posted some photos @ my Instagram. Peep them if you have time.


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