Cleansing Wipes

I have tried more than ten brands of cleansing wipes. As you know, there are tons of them in the drugstore, and I always have this problem of finding the best cleansing wipes for myself.

Not that I’m lazy to remove dirt/makeup on my face with a proper makeup remover. But I like the idea of cleaning my face with cleansing wipes first. Then continue with Make-up Remover and lastly, cleanse my face n’ neck with cleanser. I know, you must have thought I have gone crazy to over-clean my face. But really, I want to go to bed with a cleaned face.

I have purchased this particular brand recently and tried several times. Honestly speaking, this has got to be the best I have ever tried so far. Natio Gentle Cleansing Wipes. It’s highly recommended as it’s enriched with antioxidant Green Tea to help reveal younger looking complexion and Chamomile to Soothe and Soften Skin! It’s refreshing and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry. It basically does what it says on the box.

You may get it from SASA. :)

p/s: This is not an ad post. I just thought maybe they are people like me out there, who like to use cleansing wipes.

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  1. ruby Says:

    lolol farney larh you… suddenly cakap pasal ni mcm ad…nasib baik got the p/s then i know its not an ad hahaha…

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