END of 2012

How is everyone doing so far?

The world didn’t end on the expected date. Everyone that I know celebrated Christmas joyfully. And there I go, resuming my work on the last day of 2012 quietly. Right, the end is always the beginning. I can’t wait to see what’s in 2013.

Dec Recap:

KT & Arwin’s Darren 1st Birthday Lunch.

visited my eldest Sister and her second child on the 3rd of Dec. It was such a magical feeling to hold her in my arms – fresh from the ‘oven’ – though this is not my first time being an aunt >_>

One of my belated Birthday gift. <3 // I am missing my blackberry already.

Celebrated 12.12.12 with the boss at KLCC. The gem of the night was my boss telling his stories over the years and of course, the night was full of joy and the birthday cake was a bomb. I have tasted their macaroons before and I fell in love with them. and now, to have a chance to taste their cake. I must say I enjoyed every bite of the cake. You can check out the cake details here. psst, no this is not an AD.

X’mas eve night @ Jen’s crib.

Boxing night @ KT’s crib.

My new born niece, Baby Tiffany. She’s going to be a month old on the 3rd of Jan. Few days ago, Bro in Law, Bro in Law’s mom and I took her to a barber shop in Brickfields for a haircut. That was my first time watching a barber shaving a baby’s head; my heart was racing every time the barber place his hand on her head. It’s so painful to watch her skin peeled off due to her baby skin. oh boy, I can’t imagine if she is my own child.

Spent some quality time with my family and another niece of mine (the in darker pink swimsuit), Twinkle. and next to her is My aunt’s daughter, Yan, so she’s basically, my cousin? LOL. I almost forgot what it felt like to laugh like a kid.

and here is the last pic of my niece and me (in case you’re bored with baby pictures already.)

Bro in Law and Sis arranged a full moon lunch gathering at Sri Petaling yesterday. Tiffany is such a cutie, isn’t it? <3

something different from the rest of the pictures here,

my first panorama taken with the iPhone5 in the mall. I’m kinda surprised with the outcome. =x

Anyway friends, have a great new year celebration tonight and have a fantastic start tomorrow. May 2013 bring you good health and joyful days.

one love.


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